Game Day Atmosphere ideas

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The Varsity Level
Just let the loudest fan have front row sideline seats behind the visitors bench. I use to be able to yell all game. Now my voice gives out pretty quickly so I have to pick my moments. I really think game experience will take care of itself with a sustained winning team.
We may know each othrr ... i had first or second row seats behind the visitors bench for 30 years ... loved getting the players and coaches attention ... loved to have their foul shooter turn from the basket to look at me. I hope i helped at least some.


The Varsity Level
My 2 cents... Their needs to be an MC/hype person that’s worth a damn. I was very impressed with the guy working the mic the one time isu played at hinkle about 10 years ago.

also, not sure what it would take but I would like to see the student section moved to the lower bowl areas like most other schools do. Obviously that would cost money and alienate fans. I would say start phasing out season tickets in a certain area so that students can be relocated. No disrepect intended to anybody who’s got seats down there.


The Menser Level
I haven’t been to a game at Hulman Center in probably 15 years at this point, so I’m not sure what my opinion is worth. But…

It’s nearly impossible to create a real, memorable and rambunctious game day atmosphere with only 3,500 people in the stands. Winning will bring more fans which will liven up the atmosphere on its own. Then, when the band actually does play the fight song it really goes hard.

Just my two cents.


The Varsity Level
One of my favorite runs of the past was Chick-fil-A being dropped from the ceiling in parachutes.


The Green Level
I know we have a lot of band people in here, but does anyone else think the band plays the school song so quietly?? Like I can barely hear it. They're kinda quiet in general. And the PA guy always shouts "C'mon Sycamore fans, get loud". Well you can't hear us get loud because you're screaming obnoxiously into the mic. He's terrible. And it takes him 5-10 minutes to do the lineup.

Sycamore Sam used to be a lot more active too. They used to have him get on a surfboard and surf over some of the cheerleaders or students. And I remember as a kid, when the band played the Wabash Cannonball, the cheerleaders would have a big blue "ISU" flag and they would run around the concourse with the flag. I alwaysenjoyed that and they've stopped that. They also had a "name that tune" contest or something like that. And they had "dress like a sycamore" where you had 2 people and they had to put on huge shorts, huge jersey, and huge shoes and make a layup to win a prize. Bring that back.


The All-MVC Level
You guys asked for it… We’re throwing balls into the stands tonight. I read the forum and react. I can’t help with the school song you will need to talk to someone else - same with the dancer girls I can my help ya with that.

If you guys need anything else just let me know… 😂
I’m gonna need Blimpie subs thrown as well.

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Here at Sycamore Pride we wrote headlines for Todd Golden for years and now we’ve finally laid out the blueprint for a perfect game day experience…

Play the friggin school song until your horns stop horning.

Give away $10k.

Throw some balls into the stands.

Throw some cold meat sandwiches in the stands.

And just win!

I mean, sounds like we're some simple folk. I'd say free beer for all SP members but that may be pushing it.


The Renn Level
Ok guys, let's talk about what can be done to improve the atmosphere at our games. Obviously, winning and a fun style of play will help, but what else you got? I know we all talk about it. Let's list out our ideas.

I'll start:

1. My personal pet peeve - the band MUST be involved in the game. When we go on a run and force the opponent to call a time out, they should immediately play the school song. Loudly. Right at the other team's huddle.
2. Get a new PA announcer. Please. I cringe every time he speaks.
3. Develop a "museum" type area to display trophies, banners, videos on ISU history, etc. Or at least put them back in the little display cases they built a few years ago.

There's other things I can think of, but what do you think???
All good ideas


The Starter Level
Throw some Courvoisier Cognac (must be packaged well) into the stands, followed with some good Irish Cheddar cheese and crackers. Followed with JJ subs, balls and t shirts.
1 free beer for all students of legal age.
Throw some Irish Spring body wash into the student section.
Put a statue of Bird and Wooden sitting on a bench together in the lobby so fans can sit with them and get a photo.
Opening video should include Bird, Kurt Thomas, Baumgartner, Wooden, and finally Burl Ives as Sam the Snowman sliding across the court and players grab him and pull him apart and make a smashing dunk with the snowball parts of his torso. Yes, Burl Ives went to ISU.