[November 21, 2022] Indiana State (3-0) vs East Carolina (3-0)

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The Menser Level
Certainly happy with the win, but I don't love our composure. This game exposed a few issues that need to be addressed, but at least they were exposed while winning.


The Odum Level
You know in the first half Bledson had two possessions where he kicked it around - we stuck with the possession and eventually Bledson ended up with the ball in his hand on both possessions and made 3’s. Not only to score on those possessions but for the guy who was fumbling it around to make the buckets - thought that was huge. Really speaks to the player that he is… Rarely rattled. Not afraid of the moment. Not afraid of making mistakes. He’s not perfect - he lacks some athletic gifts but dude is a solid player.

Thought Kent looked a bit overmatched and out of sorts for the first time this year.

Thought Larry other than a pass or two really looked uncomfortable at times with the ball in his hand for the first time this year. Some credit to them as they were physical with us.

And not to beat a dead horse but Voss and Henry just have to be smarter players… They’re too experienced and too valuable to be acting a fool. Other players feed off that as well. I love the emotion - I don’t want robots hell I’m about as emotional as they come when compete in anything to this day (shocker I know…) but come on already you can’t be getting T’s and hurting your team. It simply can’t happen. Stop jawing with the officials and play basketball.

Gibson is just steady as they come… I’ve said it multiple times and I can’t get over it. He’s literally the player that Lansing kept looking for but could never find. OR better yet he’s the player he should have been looking for and couldn’t find.
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The Odum Level
They were 3-0 coming in like us.

We got out rebounded 36-26.

The officials put the other team on the line 38 times. 12 more attempts than you. They nearly made more 24 than you attempted 26.

They shot 6% points better than us from 3. They basically shot the same % from us from 2.

We led this game by 16 and never trailed… We literally have never in my life won a game with the stat combos above let alone never trailed. Incredible.
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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
I’m going to bed… But Todd Golden was holding us back. I knew it.



The All-American Level

ESTERO, Fla. – In their first road trip of the season, the Indiana State Sycamores opened their run at the Gulf Coast Showcase with a 79-75 win over East Carolina at Hertz Arena. ISU (4-0) handed the Pirates (3-1) their first loss of the season, and will move on to face Kansas City in the winner's bracket of the tournament Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 5 p.m.



The Odum Level
great win today! Glad to see we held on facing trouble late in the game, we'd have never done that before Schertz arrived, such a nice change in the program, now les go out and beat UMKC tomorrow, don't want to follow up a good win with a bad loss, oh, and no technical fouls tomorrow, sheesh!