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Pretty fair conference review, although I might question his use of the concept of "gravity" and its limitations upon inside performance. Bird & Cruse are tesitimony & proof of POSITIONING as an overiding principle in overcoming this "handicap.":naughty:
Probably a fair write-up, however, I'm still trying to figure out why everyone is so high on Illinois State, and so low on us. And what was the "...Illinois State has the facilities and tradition..." and we "lack support and resources." Yeah, we lack support from a fickle fan base (so much losing will do that to 'ya), and our athletic department operates on a shoestring budget compared to schools like CU and WSU, but I'd stack our basketball facilities and tradition up there with anyone in the MVC. We've got a lot to be proud of at ISU, and we need to stop letting people tell us we're a second-rate institution.

I know we're picked last because that just feels right until we prove otherwise, but I cannot figure out the love affair with Illinois State, mostly because we beat them twice last year, and we had much higher profile wins than they did.

Oh well, no one asks me...:meditate:
McKenna's impact on Creighton

I was a little surprised to not see the loss of Coach McKenna listed as a potential problem for Creighton. Unless I missed it, they didn't mention him leaving at all, yet talked about other assistant coaches leaving or coming in as positives or negatives for their programs. Anyone else think Coach leaving Omaha will hurt them? Not saying they will go into a tailspin and lose every game, but when you bring in many new faces, and then add in a new coach or two, it can be tough to overcome, especially early in the season.