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  1. S

    Excellent New Story About Steve McWhorter
  2. Daveinth

    forget McKenna fire the rest of the staff

    Facts are this we cant rebound, we cant take care of the ball, regardless of what system we have if you turn the ballover or continue to get dominated by teams inside the wins will never come . these problems are the reults of poor assistant coaches. who ever is in charge of these major areas...
  3. IndyTreeFan

    McKenna Interviewed on Dan Dakich show

    Check out this link, as the interview will likely show up on the podcast page tomorrow (Friday) or soon thereafter. I can't wait to hear it! :sycamores::sycamores::sycamores:
  4. bent20

    McKenna's future

    I know it's only his second year and I'm not suggesting he's going anywhere now, but if this was McKenna's third season I'd like to think his job would be in jeopardy already. We need to demand more of our players and coaches. When we don't we've seen what happens. Look at the football team. I...
  5. BallyHooHoo

    McKenna and M Menser spotted

    at Shelbyville regional, I assume looking at Colt Ryan and or Alex Grimsley, Batesville student section broke into the "Michael Menser Michael Menser" chant, great great moment!!!!
  6. Jason Svoboda

    McKenna likes ISU?s progress, but knows work needs to be done

    Incremental progress. It might not please Indiana State?s fans. It probably isn?t a comfort to the players and coaches, but a 15-16 record and 8-10 Missouri Valley Conference mark ? good enough for a seventh-place tie ? were tangible signs of improvement for the ISU program. More...
  7. Little Eddie

    Kevin McKenna Show

    This was on last night or the night before. Did anyone watch it?? Just curious about what he may have said...
  8. B

    McKenna on Sycamore's Progress :sycamores:
  9. Jason Svoboda

    McKenna at Palm Springs Coaching Clinic

    Just had this passed on to me, but it appears Coach McKenna was at the Palm Springs Coaching Clinic this past week. Some very good coaches were there and I hope he was able to pick some brains. I've always been a fan of Coach Tim Floyd...
  10. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana State selects Creighton assistant McKenna as new coach

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. -- Kevin McKenna took over the IndianaState program Thursday, giving the former NBA player and Creightonassistant his first Division I head coaching ... More...
  11. Jason Svoboda

    If you could ask McKenna one question...

    If you had the opportunity to sit down with new head coach Kevin McKenna and ask him one question, what would you ask?
  12. Jason Svoboda

    McKenna using his Iowa connections

    In analyzing the current offers on the table in the 2009 and 2010 classes, it's obvious that McKenna is using his connections in Iowa that he developed while on staff at Creighton. Hopefully this will allow us to pull in some talent that would otherwise make it to other Mo Valley programs such...
  13. Jason Svoboda

    AD Prettyman on McKenna, hoops expections

    Tribune-Star: Turning to men?s basketball, it?s very early, but has hiring Kevin McKenna energized the community to the point you hoped it would? Prettyman: Kevin McKenna has been outstanding. I?ve personally been with him on 30 different occasions interacting with people be it at a golf outing...
  14. Jason Svoboda

    No news is good news for McKenna, Sycamores

    TERRE HAUTE ? Aside from the verbal commitment from Chicago?s Carl Richard Jr. all has been quiet on the Indiana State men?s basketball front this summer. No new injuries. No trouble. No defections. No turmoil. And for the first time in a few seasons, no question of the future direction of the...